"walking the hills" et samarbeidsprosjekt

WALKING THE HILLS et samarbeidsprosjekt med billedkunstner Malcolm Ashman


1. Bath Contemporary åpner 7. oktober 2016

2. Hole Artcenter åpner juni 2017

3. Risør Kunstpark prosjektrommet åpner juni 2018


London 2 60x60cm
Collectors cabinet


WALKING THE HILLS by Barry Lee Thompson, award winning writer of Short Fiction

Night coats the world in stillness. We walk until a solitary place is found where thoughts can be given weight. We consider in silence. Our ideas reach out. A gentle spinning begins, and, despite an accelerating complexity, sleep comes quickly.
A dream, of two cities connected by a tunnel, but not a physical tunnel, rather an opening in each place, penetrating into accumulated layers of time, cutting deep through shared spaces, exposing experiences. The cities and the connective space is layers. Layered so each element is pressed or held within. Listen: from beyond come faint echoes, the churning industry of life and water and land and its scapes, creating new layers. And here, where we are, is not enclosed but open to everything, yet it feels like a chamber because of the quiet and because of something else. Moving through this space called a tunnel we become captivated by its vastness. We glimpse the past, the future. But despite the scale, it’s carefree, this journey, this moving through place and space and time. Memory can be like this, sometimes, when an outcome is known, definite, resolved, or when it’s simply felt or intuited. We move through, and we collect as we go along, because it’s only natural to want a souvenir. The collector takes, but nothing is owned, all is borrowed. Sentiment is the only thing retained every time, the only thing really worthy of salvage, for it’s a word for feeling.
Waking now. There has been a dream, that’s certain. But the clock ticks and there’s a falling away to the point of disappearance, so that the remembering itself becomes dreamlike. There are remnants, clues: sensory echoes, a feeling of openness, of places joined, of a shared history and future, but that’s all that’s remaining. We stay still, attempt to capture the detail. Softly, quietly, we creep towards it. There it is. Make a grab. But no, it recedes further, further. It’s brought out of reach. It’s like a butterfly, elusive like a butterfly. This is all butterflies, everything is butterflies, fluttering their precious and flimsy and beautiful wings, beating to a rhythm that’s known only to them. But because something can’t be held doesn’t make it any less. We know from past experience that a dream not captured may never return. The most we can wish for is that the same might be dreamed again, or that the dream will, at some time and in some way, be expressed in wakeful actions.

Memorial 50x50cm
Checkpoint 60x60cm
Walking tour Berlin
London 1 60x60cm
Disse fire små collagene er et resultat av et lekent samarbeid. En pustepause i en ellers intens arbeidsperiode i Bath, april 2016. De ble vakre syns jeg
Små Collager for "Walking the hills" Samarbeidet med Malcolm Ashman fortsetter. Disse skal stilles ut i Bath Contemporary i oktober 2016.
Malcolm Ashman
"walking the hills" 90x180cm
"paths" 90x90cm Maleri Malcolm Ashman grafikk Inger Karthum
"openings no1" 20x40cm Paint/print
"openings no3" 20x40cm paint/print
"openings no5" 20x40cm paint/print

Jeg har jobbet og jobber fremdeles med et prosjekt sammen med den Engelske billedekunstneren (tegner/maler) Malcolm Ashman.

Vi har drevet med dette prosjektet noen måneder og har kaldt det "walking the hills" I mars 2015 var jeg over i Bath og vi jobbet intenst sammen i to uker. Dette er noe av resulatet, og vi er full av entusiasme for det videre samarbeidet.

De små bildene (20x40cm) er for salg nå, og ett av i alt 6 diptychs er allered solgt. Vi planlegger utstillinger både i England og i Norge

I arbeid, Malcolms studio mars 2015
Deilig å være to
Siste dagen I Bath. Tre 90x90cm, tolv 20x20cm. Bare ett bilde står alene. De andre er diptychs. Bottom line: Lykkelige og fullstendig sluttkjørte

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22.11 | 13:09

The sense of unfinished memories colors existed.

01.09 | 23:02

FLOTTE BILDER utrolig kreative, jeg likte fargene godt ,det stråler sol og varme fra bildene, de inne i gangen.DE med rød bakgrund har fart i seg,kjempefine. :-

27.04 | 21:36

For me this is both poignant and a little creepy, but in a good way.

27.04 | 21:27

I love these, Inger, particularly the last two.

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